SynAct Pharma is a clinical stage biotechnology company that is harnessing melanocortin biology to help the body resolve excessive or chronic inflammation

  1. Inflammation is the immune system’s way of responding to infections or injuries. Normally an inflammatory response is self-limiting. The immune system will “deactivate” itself and the inflammation will be resolved after the invading pathogen has been removed or the injury has begun to heal.
  2. However, in some cases, the inflammation can be excessive or chronic and it can overwhelm the immune system’s ability to resolve the inflammation. This can lead to pain, tissue destruction, and loss of function.
  3. When the immune system is overwhelmed, therapies like AP1189 may help resolve inflammation by providing both anti-inflammatory activity and by triggering the immune system’s natural inflammatory resolution mechanisms.


Inflammation Resolution Without Immunosuppression

Most available treatments used to treat inflammation are immunosuppressive. They suppress the immune system by removing key signaling molecules or by depleting certain immune cells. Both strategies can lead to a heightened risk of serious infections and other significant side effects and safety issues. These therapies are anti-inflammatory, but they do not resolve the underlying uncontrolled inflammation.

SynAct seeks to stimulate the body’s natural resolution mechanisms and resolve excessive inflammation without suppressing the immune system’s ability to respond to new infections or injuries.