Investment highlights

  • Focus on developing a novel treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases targeting the melanocortin system

  • Several near-term value inflection points from Phase II development and other corporate activities

  • First-in-class compound with unique biology and once-daily dosing designed to have versatility across several indications

  • Fortified IP portfolio providing protection until 2042

  • Experienced management team and BoD with strong track record in drug development and deal making

  • Continually evaluating compelling business development opportunities

Upcoming news flow

Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Initiate Phase IIb programme
Virus-induced respiratory insufficiency
  • Initiate confirmatory virus-induced respiratory insufficiency trial, paving the way for Emergency Use Approval in select countries
Nephrotic syndrome
  • Complete Phase IIa in re-designed study
  • Uplist to Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market (1H22)
  • Additional IP
  • Discovery of new assets
  • Potential business development