The company in brief

The company’s technology is focused on development of agonist to target the melanocortin system . The melanocortin system  is activated in inflammatory conditions and contributes with anti- inflammatory effects, and stimulates important components of the healing process and for recovery to normal tissue function. SynAct’s drug candidate AP1189 is first in class compound reaching the melanocortin system for once daily oral dosing that stimulates the relevant receptors in the melanocortin  system, and thereby avoiding unwanted side effects.

AP1189 has the potential to become a ”front-runner” for resolution therapy, a new method for treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, which stimulates the immune system’s healing mechanisms, unlike most of today’s drugs which inhibit the body’s immune system. This is done by activating the body’s immune cells, unlike biological and immunosuppressive drugs, which act by inhibiting the activity of the immune system.

The company is currently testing its lead compound AP1189 in a Phase II clinical trial in Rheumatoid Arthritis (NS) and will in Q1 2020 file a clinical trial application for an additional Phase II study in Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). With the establishment of two Phase II clinical programs , SynAct will significantly increase the possibility of a successful result while also increasing the commercial value for AP1189. Both RA and NS are indications with a large unmet medical need and an attractive market where SynAct’s drug candidate has the potential to become a new and improved method for treatment. Positive data from the ongoing phase IIa program in RA and from the planned phase IIa study in NS could mean that AP1189 could become a ”game changer” in the melanocortin market, which currently amounts to over USD 1 billion, which would benefit a large patient group.