SynAct strengthens IP portfolio – Receives “Intention to Grant” from the European Patent Office for a key patent covering AP1189 English version

SynAct Pharma AB (“SynAct”) today announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) issued an “Intention to grant” for SynAct’s patent application covering the company’s leading drug candidate AP1189 in methods of treating kidney diseases.

SynAct has received information that the company obtained an “Intention to grant” from the EPO regarding their patent application 19734023.5 (EP publication 3743064) which concerns the use of AP1189 in methods of treating kidney disease, specifically primary nephrotic syndrome, including membranous nephropathy as is currently tested in clinical trials.

In brief, an “Intention to grant” means that the EPO intends to grant a European patent on the basis of the patent application as currently on file. Before a final decision to grant can be issued by the EPO further formalities must be adhered to.

“We are very excited about this development. It is an important step forward in the further reinforcement of a strong and robust patent portfolio for our lead drug candidate AP1189, which is now in a number of clinical studies for different indications with great unmet medical need,” said SynAct’s CSO Thomas Jonassen.

The information was submitted, through the agency of the contact person below, for publication on April 13, 2021.

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