Scientific council

In order to gain access to further scientific and clinical expertise for the continued development of AP1189, SynAct Parma has established a Scientific council, which will be led by the company’s Chief research officer Thomas Jonassen.

The Scientific council represents significant pharmacological and clinical expertise within the field of melanocortin receptors and the pharmacological aspects of inflammation healing, as well as leading clinical expertise in the field of rheumatology, with particular focus on psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Mauro Perretti

Professor of immunopharmacology and dean of science (Dean of Research) at Barts and London School of Medicine. Prior to being appointed Scientific Dean, Professor Perretti was the co-director of the William Harvey Research Institute, one of the world’s leading pharmacological research institutions focusing on basic and translational pharmacology.

Professor Perretti has published more than 300 scientific articles and has been cited over 17,000 times. Professor Perretti is a Fellow of the British Pharmacological Society. Professor Perretti is a pioneer in understanding the role of specialized pro-resolution mediators in inflammatory processes. His laboratory is a leader in understanding the anti-inflammatory effects of the melanocortin system and has identified the melanocortin type 3 receptor as a potential target for novel innovative drug development.

Since 2012, SynAct Pharma has had a collaboration agreement with Professor Perretti’s laboratory and essential parts of the understanding of the mechanism of action of SynAct Pharma’s AP1189 molecule have been created in this collaboration.