Resolution Therapy- A novel approach for Therapeutic in Inflammatory and Auto immune diseases

Current treatments for inflammatory and auto immune-diseases act by inhibiting specific enzymes, antagonising specific receptors or blocking their ligands with most if not all current treatment aimed to inhibit or block the inflammatory processed.

With the increased understanding of inflammatory processes generated in the scientific world, a new paradigm has raised that are engaged to actively resolve inflammation, ie actively stimulate processes to increase the healing of ongoing inflammatory processes.

The resolution of inflammation is enabled by counter-regulatory checkpoints to terminate the inflammatory reaction, promoting healing and repair, ie in-stead of trying to find yet other medicines that are able to inhibit or block inflammatory processes, new innovative approaches to speed of the natural healing processes , ie the resolution phase in inflammatory diseases has emerged.

Where most anti-inflammatory treatment concept applying in today’s clinical setting, due to its mode of action, induced variable degrees of immunosuppression and thereby increase the risk for infections, no indications for any immune suppressive effects of resolution therapy has been identified.

After a decennium with identification of endogen pathways feasible for translational attempts to develop new treatment concept, SynAct Pharma, as a front runner in the field of resolution therapy is now developing the AP1189 compound in clinical Phase 2.